iSportsAnalysis are serialising “Running Sussed”, a book by ex international runner Julia Chi Taylor. In today’s chapter Julia will be talking about “Visualisation and connection to what Inspires you”. Thank you Julia Chi for sharing your wisdom and insights.

It is a book to open people to the ‘how to run” aspect – or “how to become a runner“ and yes, definitely those who haven’t run much and a interested to follow a path of least resistance

But – it also has a philosophical aspect that means that people who have run for years can get something from it – some deeper insight or connection to themselves through the art of running.


Julia has been running all of her life, it has informed how she has chosen to live from a very young age and has been the bedrock of her ‘practice’ both physical and spiritual – in fact it has become her spiritual practice through the mirror of seeing herself reflected back in her running endeavours.

Julia achieved her first international vest at the age of 19 and went on to run at international level for the next 13 years.

Her most notable achievements were winning the Dublin City Marathon, being placed 7th woman in the London Marathon (3rd British) in a time of 2.36.31 and competing in the Commonwealth Games Marathon in 1986.

Chapter 9: Visualisation and connection to what Inspires you

The universe is abundant and everything we need or want or desire is there for us, paradoxically it is in letting go of the desire and the want and the push that we discover it is already there and it is axiomatic that the moment we stop ‘wanting’ something or pushing for something we discover that it was there all the time.

Manifesting a desired outcome, comes through first being able to imagine it and it is far more powerful if the dreams are connected to your truest soul calling, which is why exploring your paradigm and discovering where you got your beliefs and ideas from is a good first step. Some of the beliefs and idea will have nothing to do with your own truth, so becoming conscious of your scripts will allow you to write new ones that better support the life you want to lead, creating a preferred future.

Connect to what inspires you, if you can imagine something, then without any doubt it is possible to manifest it in the physical plane, but to stop it from being simply a day dream, it needs to be imbued with energy and emotion and passion.

The mind is a playground and daydreams are fun, but there is magic in the action that comes from passion of believing that you can experience a dream…

The right brain is connected to our heart and to our emotion and to future possibility and to our intuition and to pictures and visions – for the brain to be working in a dynamic duo we need the right brain to lead and then to support it with left brain, logic, memory and words. Too often we ignore the intuitive wisdom within us and try to make things work through logic alone, this doesn’t allow for the creative flow and for the hearts calling which is always accurate.

About the Author: Julia Chi Taylor

About the Author: Julia Chi Taylor


Julia is an ex international distance runner.
In the late 70’s all through the 80’s and into the early 90’s she competed regularly for England and GB at distances from 5k to Marathon. Some of her best performances include winning the 1985 Dublin Marathon and finishing 7th woman (3rd British woman) in the 1986 London Marathon in a time of 2.36.31 where she was selected to run in the Commonwealth Games.

She still competes now as a master over 55, regularly winning her age group in races around the world. She’s was also part of the winning team for the national master X country championships in March this year, 2016. Julia has coached and mentored others to achieve their dreams in sport and life for the past forty years!

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Julia’s Books:
Girlfriend For A Year
Running To Learn
Running Sussed

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