The Win Now Matrix for Coaching.

Every team and player is like a Rubik’s cube. The championship teams and players understand this. They solved the cube, do it with ease and precision, and win now. They don’t say we are rebuilding, we are a few players short, we have had injuries or anything close to those comments. They instinctively understand. They studied the game, they mastered it and they play it to Win Now. They show their team how it is done in specific ways. They expect great things and project and produce them.

The Win Now Matrix is the guide to Winning Now, for the rest of us. It takes the best of what we have as a team, studies the best we do with the best we have, and turns it on the weakest portion of their opposes game, in critical game moments. It deciphers through critical data analysis the time and place the winning occurs. Everyone on the team and the coaching staff is aware of the application, and how it applies to their position specifically. There are Four Pillars to the Win Now Matrix, and you will have them introduced here.

This explanation will offer real and actual occurrences where teams that were supposed to lose big, instead won by a wide margin in most cases. The Win Now Matrix has four Pillars. They will be explained here:


The First Pillar Is Select Data Capture.

There are several ways to capture the data. It is always right in front of you and available in the game day statistics of your opponents play. Also the data is available in League wide statistics that define important aspects of the game. The first pillar offers a proprietary matrix formula for every team that uses iSportsAnalysis as a seedless way to win immediately, with the highest probably of winning.


The Second Pillar is Data Stacking.

 You now have the specific data that will create a win, and you stack the data to be used in the game. You will be surprised at what you see. By sequencing and stacking you will realize what is specifically causing the wins and losses. If you do not have film available, you can do this with the game statistics and league wide statistics. The integration with the iSportAnalysis and the Win Now Matrix places it in living color with slow motion replay available.


The Third Pillar is Momentum.

 As crazy as this sounds, and as amazing as it is, momentum is created, predictable and can be controlled. The key is you have to be expecting it, recognize it as momentum, and do not over react to its arrival. The proper implementation of the first two pillars, attracts momentum. It is something to appreciate, and to handle with care. If you don’t it can leave as quick as it came to you and your team. One key in all of this is to expect the results because you have done the work with the Win Now Matrix and iSportsAnalysis.


The Fourth Pillar is Safety.

Each Pillar in the Win Now Matrix is as important as the next. The example of a three legged stool comes to mind. Unless the team, its coaches and its players practice and maintain safety in their team environment, they will not win. Player injuries are a key to losses in many cases. Injuries steal momentum, morale and in most cases are fully preventable. I want to suggest you to go back to the first pillar and create an entirely new four pillar Matrix for the fourth pillar.


Specific Examples of Immediate Winning.

The earliest application was in an NHL Stanley Cup Series, between the Buffalo Sabres and the Philadelphia Flyers, 2001.

The Buffalo Sabres were expected to lose by a wide margin. Having been a former Bauer employee and having written “ A Fly on the Wall in the NHL”, I called the GM of the Sabres at the time. I did not reach him but his office manager asked that I send the information to him on how to beat the Flyers, by fax. There was no Internet at that time. I gave the Sabres two critical data points on how to beat the goalie they were about to face. The goalie had no chance against the matrix. In the last game of the series the Sabres won 8-0 to one of the leagues most promising goalies.


Here is what happened in that series:


Buffalo Sabres and the Philadelphia Flyers


Win Now Matrix Example

The latest example of the impact of the Win Now Matrix and the long lasting impact on a team and it coaches is the University of Buffalo football team. This December 2019, they won their first Bowl Game after reaching bowls and being bowl eligible the past three years.

This fact takes nothing from the coaches and players on the team, their efforts and accomplishments. It does point to the lasting impact one session explaining the Win Now Matrix can have three years later.


Bahamas Bowl


iSportsAnalysis and the Win Now Matrix

With iSportsAnalysis and the Win Now Matrix template for winning, any team in any professional or college league could have as much as a 90% probability of winning and making their respective playoffs. The caveat to all of this is when properly implemented. I believe and have incident after incident like the ones here, that will confirm that now with iSportAnalysis and the Win Non Matrix the display of the formate is complete, and available to every player and coach on their own cloud location. This combination of two distinct winning approaches, will enhance the world of sports in every area where it is implemented.


Let Us Evaluate Your Team

My services and consulting is available on Skype anywhere in the world. I can be contacted through Anadi Taylor or directly. Once I am able to evaluate your team’s current status in the league you are in, I will be able to help point you and your coaching staff to exceptional data analysis and immediate high percentage winning opportunities.

Thank you for your time today!


Daniel C. Bryndle

Daniel C. Bryndle
Win Now Matrix, LLC
CEO And Founder
Author-Motivational Speaker
Win Now For Life-The Four Pillars of Personal Growth
A Fly on the Wall in the NHL
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