Keep your Players involved and learning

In times where coaches and players can’t meet up for training or games, there are new and exciting opportunities for learning and development.

Our unique new online Homework Club solution enables players to improve their game through being able to view and analyze their own performance.


Video: The perfect tool for education

We live in a world where watching online videos is commonplace, we all use smartphones, and we are all online.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to have entertainment and education at our fingertips – when we want it, and where we want it.

Here are some ideas on how to harness this technology and keep your Players involved and learning during this difficult time.

Imagine, as a coach, having the ability to upload a game video (irrespective of your sport) and being able to instantly share it online with your players. Think of the advantages:

  • Players being able to view performance in a more effective way than ever before.
  • Players having the ability to analyze and interactively review their performance.
  • The Coach having the opportunity to log in and interactively review any player’s analysis.
  • Being able to provide secure, private feedback to players on their analysis.
  • Online Team discussion opportunities covering key topics.

And all done in the comfort of your own homes!

Not all under 1 roof?

I am sure you are aware that post game feedback is a tried-and-trusted technique used to demonstrate both team and individual player strengths and weaknesses.

This is important for technical and tactical learning.

Post game feedback typically relies on the coach and the team being in the same place at the same time, which is not always possible. Being able to demonstrate, and talk about the analysis of your team’s performance online is the obvious answer.

Using telestration tools to draw on your game video, online messaging to talk with your players and having the ability to create playlists of events in your game that you want to discuss are all very useful tools that help to make coaching more efficient.

The fact that they are online means your players don’t have to be under the same roof.

All of this invaluable work can now done online, on any device, and it gives coaches the ability to provide interactive feedback to players in a more effective way than ever before.

iSportsAnalysis makes this possible.


Welcome to your Homework Club


The quality of feedback…

Over the last 5 years we have invested in educating coaches and players to the fact that, with the exception of practice itself, it is the quality of feedback that the learner receives that is the most important factor in determining the speed and extent of learning.

What does this mean? It means that actually being out on the pitch with a coach practicing is probably the best way for players to learn.

However, research has shown that providing players with the opportunity to analyze and interactively review their own performance has a significant impact on their development.

The benefits for decision making and all-round game understanding are significant.

Coaches are always exploring new ways to maximize performance by enhancing the quality of feedback they provide for their players.

What better way to achieve this than through a flexible, easy-to-use online platform? Uploaded content is always available making it readily accessible at the player’s convenience.


Online analysis offers a powerful way to achieve this goal

We all want to ensure that the learning that takes place for players is permanent. The research that has been carried on the retention of learning suggests that the more we engage players in their own development, the more likely that the learning taking place is made permanent.

Now is a fantastic time for players to learn at their own leisure, in their own time, regardless of location.

Online analysis offers a powerful way to achieve this goal.

We all know that when we ask players in front of their peers if they understand something, they will all say “Yes”.

Having the ability to learn online, and at their own pace means players can take the time they need to fully grasp what is being taught.

Having the ability to privately ask questions about key moments in the game that perhaps they don’t understand, or don’t know what to do is hugely important, questions they may not ask when with their team-mates.

This also gives coaches more insight into the way different players learn, and so can help to tailor the delivery of their training.


How does it work for Coaches?


How does it work for Players?


Pushing the boundaries of player development

If you would like to continue the development of your players offthe pitch now is the perfect time. 

iSportsAnalysis is a tried and trusted online analysis tool used by the United Soccer Coaches and the Scottish Football Association to remotely train and assess their coaches.

This is a unique online analysis opportunity for Coaches and Players.

Keep your Players involved and learning.

Any sport, any device, anywhere.

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