What are the Benefits of Video Analysis in Sports?

There have been various studies showing most of us are visual learners; according to the Social Science Research Network 65% of people learn more easily through seeing and watching rather than through listening. This being the case, why would coaches not maximise their advantages and use filmed training sessions and matches? Why would they not utilise the benefits of video analysis in sports?

For athletes to improve and self reflect, they would benefit massively from seeing themselves on video rather than just listening to their coach. 

If athletes can be shown where they need to improve they can learn noticeably faster. Having the ability to replay parts of a video, both at normal speed and in slow motion, demonstrating points being made, gives a massive advantage over mentally taking on board what is being explained.

Sports video analysis, which is usually comprised tagging events as they happen in a match video, gives massive advantages to speedily improving athletes techniques. This rapidly improves performances and plays a massive part in gaining the competitive edge.

The benefits of video analysis in sports

One of the obvious benefits of using video analysis in sports is having the ability to hone in and work on the points where players need correcting or need to improve. When players are able to see where they need to improve they are more likely to correct their technique. This applies to both matches and training sessions; if we consider that practise makes permanent it is essential that athletes “make permanent” correct movements and techniques. As said, video playback helps athletes retain information a lot quicker making the effectiveness of using video in coaching invaluable.

Injury prevention

Another massive advantage of using sports video analysis is injury prevention. If coaches can see and correct injury prone behaviours, teaching new techniques that fix bad habits, there is no reason athletes cannot improve in their fitness and performances and remain injury free. As we all know, prevention is better than cure – and cure can take a long time!

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Track and show progress

Creating a library of matches and training sessions provides coaches with the ability to track and show progress for both teams and individual players who can visually see how they have progressed and improved. This is a great way to build team spirit and motivate players.

Regularly using video and video analysis tools in matches and training can provide many benefits for coaches and athletes. The ability to provide instant visual feedback, demonstrate progress and potentially prevent serious injuries are all possible by making use of video analysis software.

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