The advantages of performance analysis in sport


Sport Performance Analysis gives coaches objective information which is used to optimise team and player performances.

It involves analysts using software, like iSportsAnalysis, to tag, or code, events during matches with a view to helping coaches understand the effectiveness of game-plans and strategies and to understand team and player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the advantages of using performance analysis in sport.

Performance analysis provides factual, objective match information

Once an analyst has tagged, or coded, a match the information can be used to generate various statistics.

These may include: the home and away teams scores, penalties, possession, passes, areas of attack, scoring attempts, shot accuracy etc.

This information will be unique to individual sports; for example we have goals in football and trys in rugby.

The statistics produced by the analysts are usually unique to each coach that the analysts are working with as coaches, generally, have their own training methods, goals and targets.

When this information is presented with the home team and away team statistics side by side, it becomes more obvious as to how the match went for each side.

This method can be taken much further with analysts producing statistics for individual players, and producing in-depth statistics relevant to game-plans and team strategies. These stats might show where the team is strong or where they need practise and improvement.

Once coaches have factual match information they can be objective in their training and decision making.


Performance analysis provides an overview of team skills including strengths and weaknesses

Performance analysis can be a very useful tool when used to monitor and feedback team skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Stats can be produced which give an overall picture of both the home and away team performances. Comparisons can be made as to how each side performed and why one side performed better than the other.

Performance analysis can also be a very useful tool when used to monitor individual players skills, and their ability to carry out game-plans and strategies. Stats can be produced to point out players strengths and weaknesses, which is essential when optimising performances.


Performance analysis creates a record of performances

Having a record of both team and player performance is invaluable when monitoring improvements in game-plans, team strategies and player performance.

It becomes easy to see which techniques used by coaches are effective and which are not. It may also be important to have records of team and player stats as coaches change and players move on to other teams.


Performance analysis helps your teams win more matches!

The advantages of performance analysis in sport and the reason so many professional, and amateur, teams are investing in performance analysis is because it helps them win more matches!



About the Author: Anadi James Taylor

About the Author: Anadi James Taylor


I am expert in helping sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities improve their sporting performances using Sports Video Analysis and GPS Performance Analysis.

I developed with world class sports scientists, coaches and trainers and university lecturers to help optimise, maximise and realise the performance of athletes and teams.

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