What is Sport Performance Analysis?

Sport Performance Analysis gives athletes and coaches objective information which helps them to understand and enhance both team and player performances.

Analysis is usually completed by an analyst or coach who observe and “tag” events and actions during competition games and training sessions.

Tagged events and actions can focus on the overall game which helps to understand the team performances, or can focus on individual players.

Usually the tagged events and actions are recorded on a timeline which Sport Performance Analysis software uses to provide detailed statistical information.

When presented visually in charts and graphs, statistical information can demonstrate immediate and accurate feedback.

Sport Performance Analysis also provides visual video feedback which helps players see where improvements can be made.

Sport Performance Analysis helps coaches and players understand team and individual player’s strengths and weaknesses; game plans can be enhanced, player skills can be optimised, and informed teams are better prepared.

The image below shows an example of a game being tagged

Arena soccer video analysis

How does Sport Performance Analysis help players?

To achieve continued success, coaches and player need to understand what game plans, strategies and changes have been successful or unsuccessful.

Using Sport Performance Analysis these observations are based on measured statistics rather than guess work or gut feeling.

Using Sport Performance Analysis makes it easier to observe elements that make up a good, or bad performance.

Coaches can’t rely on what they see during matches to inform their coaching decisions, research suggests that coaches generally utilise around 40% of the match key performance factors.

If observations made are this inaccurate the enhancing of performance is limited. Decisions based on data drawn from Sport Performance Analysis are measurably more accurate.

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The image below is an iSportsAnalysis Stats Report

iSportsAnalysis soccer match report

How does Sport Performance Analysis benefit players?

Sports Performance Analysis helps players gain better technical and tactical awareness. If they understand where improvements can be made, they know where to focus their time and energy.

Players are more equipped to make better “in-game” decisions; knowledge is everything, and if team members understand their game-plans, how to best execute them, and have an overview of how their team mates perform, decisions under pressure are easier to make.

All this leads to your team members gaining match confidence and performing better.

The image below shows regain stats

Soccer Home Regains Won

How does Sport Performance Analysis benefit coaches?

Sports Performance Analysis helps coaches to understand their players strengths and weaknesses. It helps to develop their coaching practices, their decision making, and demonstrates an in-depth awareness of both their team and individual player performance.

Sports Performance Analysis has become “the norm” in professional sports and is quickly becoming more prevalent in semi-professional clubs, universities, colleges and schools.

Technology has made this form of analysis more affordable and the results speak for themselves.

Soccer PlayerAnalysis - Passing, Tackle, Aerial Duel percentages
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